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Revolutionary Cavity Wall System

The traditional cavity wall system is no longer efficient when it comes to the latest regulations regarding carbon emissions. TecoBrick™ exceeds these regulations and allows you to maintain a standard 100mm cavity wall, outperforming all traditional cavity wall systems with U-values of up to 0.15W/m2K.

Not only is the TecoBrick™ system quicker to build than traditional brick and block systems, it’s unique, interlocking design also creates a perfect finish every time that is up to 100% watertight, damp proof and cold spot free.

Faster to Build

Up to 35% faster to build compared to traditional wall cavity systems

Space Saving

Save up to 37% of space on site when compared to using traditional bricks, blocks and insulation.

Exceeds Building Regulations

Teco Brick™ provides U-values of up to 0.15W/m2K, all whilst maintaining a standard 100mm cavity.

Up To 100% Watertight, Damp Proof & Cold-Spot Free

The revolutionary interlocking insulation outperforms all traditional cavity wall systems.

Less Wastage

Our pre-cut, interlocking insulation design reduces wastage through offcuts of insulation, mortar lost within the cavity wall, and reduced packaging

Environmentally Friendly

Teco Brick™ results in less packaging, up to 30% reduced use of harmful products, such as cement and liquid additives meaning less deliveries are needed to site.

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